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How to add a Facebook Video Cover Photo The Facebook cover photo is one of the more important areas of real estate on your page. It's a great place to highlight your company, promotions, or express the essence of your brand. Now, [...]

11 Ways Live Video Can Boost Your Brand and Following

Many people are visual learners. They like to see what’s being talked about while listening to the tone and style of the person talking in order to help them decide whether they want a product, [...]

Five Ways To Encourage The Flow Of Creativity Amongst Your Team

Creativity: Is it something innate? Something that can be learned? As a marketer, creativity is needed as much as the air we breathe. But how do you teach creativity? How do you foster it? Click [...]

MediXall Group, Inc.® Engages eLuminate Marketing to Assist in Marketing MediXaid to Consumers and Providers

eLuminate Marketing specializes in branding and digital marketing which includes content creation, social media, search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising. eLuminate will also prepare a brief video describing MediXaid to encourage both consumer and [...]

Five Goals You Didn’t Think to Make This Year

Every year we write down the same goals in hopes that this year is going to be the year we lose weight, run that half marathon, and organize our lives. If you’re succeeding in that [...]

Meet Lyndsi Stafford, CEO/Founder of eLuminate Marketing

BusinessCollective sits down with owner/founder of eLuminate Marketing. Find out what she does each morning to stay ahead of the game, her single biggest business advice and what all entrepreneurs should be doing right now. Click here [...]

Eight Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing In Under Five Minutes.

We get it, you’re busy. You’re a business owner, attempting the proverbial hat trick. You know, the one where you are the founder, manager, HR director, IT technician and on occasion, the janitor. Where does [...]

Creating Online Content that guarantees engagement and more business.

How a local dentist company got over 140,000 video views and new patients each week. Coming up with a content strategy can be very overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I post? As a [...]

Why You Should Include Videos in Your Social Media Strategy

Six benefits on why to include video in your social media. Social media has come a long way since the days of Myspace and Xanga. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest have become essential elements [...]

Five Ways to Master Instagram For Your Business

In September of 2015, Instagram passed the 400 million user mark. Each day, over 80 million photos are shared, and 3.5 billion “likes” are given. If you have a product, service, or company that you’re [...]

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