Project Description

Case Study: Exteria Building Products

Objective: Provide educational tools and resources for general contractors in the United States.

Strategy: eLuminate Marketing placed a blog on their website and developed a strategy on the types of content to publish. We researched, wrote and published all blog content for the client. The content published was SEO friendly, informative and very well received among the industry. To view their blog, click here.


  • Exteria Building Products receives on average 300-400 website clicks from general contractors in the United States.
  • Mark Mitchell, renowned author and lead marketing strategist for building material companies named Exteria Building Products the best blog in the industry.

“In the big world of siding, Exteria is a small player with the best blog in the industry. They have good educational content that is frequently updated. Many companies with blogs can’t help themselves and just focus on promoting their products. The best blogs, like Exteria, provide helpful information that draws more traffic, establishes trust, and then sells. This strategy is probably also helping Exteria to outperform larger siding companies in SEO placement. Those companies use their checkbooks to buy Pay Per Click or pay SEO firms and not their brains like Exteria. Nothing beats good and frequently updated content.”
– Mark Mitchell, Whizard Strategy