Why it’s essential to stay top of mind.

Maintaining top-of-mind awareness is crucial for any company looking to drive sales and sustain growth. By staying consistently present in the minds of your target audience, you increase the likelihood of them choosing your products or services when the need arises.

What Can We Do for You?

From strategy to implementation, let us make you look good.


Transform your online presence. Specializing in crafting strategic social media plans, we ensure that each post not only resonates with your brand’s unique voice and look but also seamlessly guides your audience to your website – elevating your digital footprint to new heights.

Content Marketing

Content marketing generates approximately three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing (DemandMetric). We excel in creating engaging videos, captivating graphics, dynamic GIFs, informative infographics, compelling blogs, and targeted emails. Let’s grab the attention of your market, deliver real value, and develop warm leads.

Email Marketing

Consistently engage with both your prospects and current customers. With a focus on delivering valuable content or impactful product/service promotions, our custom-crafted emails are designed to keep your brand at the forefront.

Graphic Design

Experience head-turning designs that speak volumes about your brand’s uniqueness. From business cards, to print collateral and digital designs, we showcase your brand’s essence in every piece. Let our proven expertise bring your vision to life and make a lasting impression.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting

It all starts with a strong foundation. Our team meets with your business to learn all aspects of your business to craft a uniquely tailored marketing strategy. This allows us to develop a marketing strategy that is not just tailored but uniquely aligned with your business objectives.

Blog Writing

Enhance your brand’s digital presence with expertly crafted blogs tailored just for you. Elevate your industry authority and attract more website traffic with content that engages and informs, setting you apart as a thought leader in your field.

Services Breakdown


Initial Strategy Session

One hour meeting where we learn about your business, goals, target market and more to help us develop the right digital marketing strategy for you.


Market Research

Our team reviews your website, any materials provided to us, competitors and brand crushes.


Develop Brand Guidelines

Create a brand guideline of Hex colors and fonts to ensure branding cohesiveness on your digital assets.


Digital Marketing Strategy

eLuminate Marketing develops a comprehensive digital strategy that includes your goals, objectives, brand guidelines, target market, content pillars, content calendar and sample social media posts.


Social Media Enhancements

Review and update all of your social media channels. [ie profile pictures, cover photos, highlight buttons]


Number of Posts Per Month

All posts are custom to your company and branding.


Custom Videos Per Month

We create engaging social media videos or reels using animations, video provided by you, or stock footage with copy and graphics. Videos are included in the number of posts per month, not additional.



Posts are written and designed once, then customized for the designated platform. One post will be published across all networks.


Social Monitoring + Engagement

Monitoring your social pages and responding to messages and comments.


Social Advertising

Run advertising to the social content we are creating to ensure it goes in front of your audience and prospects. Advertising costs not included, recommended miniumum budget of $10 per day.


Blog Writing

eLuminate Marketing is responsible for topic development, research and writing a 350-500 word blog. We will also handle graphics and images associated with the blog as well as publishing on your website.


Email Marketing

Develop educational email newsletters that contain information about your industry, company announcements and more. eLuminate Marketing is responsible for messaging, creative, graphics and sending the email via the email software of your choice.


Remarketing Ads

Develop display ads to stay top of mind in front of individuals who visited your website. Advertising costs not included, recommended miniumum budget of $5 per day.


Published For You

We will schedule, publish and send all content for you. This includes social media posts on your business and personal channels, publishing blogs on your website, and sending emails through your email software.


Quarterly Reports

We will send quarterly reports to showcase the best performing content on your social platforms. Reports will also include your reach, impressions, engagement and follower demographics.

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