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How Facebook Increased My Business Sales

Facebook will change the way you market your business. While print and television mediums may be older, Facebook advertising is wiser. How so you ask? Take Joe. Joe is in the insurance business. He wants [...]

7 Habits to form in your 20s to have a Happy/Successful Life in your 30s.

After a long day at the office you’re tired and not in the mood to do anything but go into comatose as you watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory. No offense to Sheldon and [...]

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should be on Social Media

Through the eyes of the “old school” business owner, social media is like the Bermuda Triangle, a loosely defined region where content disappears. If you’re new to the space, I can understand why you may [...]

A Story of a 20-Something Entrepreneur: What You will Learn in the First Month.

It was a sunny day when I sat at Pei Wei finishing up my lunch and opening the fortune cookie accompanying my Dan Dan chicken rice bowl. “Don’t be afraid to take that next big [...]

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