You’re Only Marketing to 3% of Your Potential Buyers

Discover how to engage the remaining 97% with strategies that convert awareness into action.

You’re only marketing to 3% of your potential buyers.

How is that possible, you ask?

Because if you’re not nurturing your target market with quality content, you are only reaching people who:

– know they have a problem,
– know the solution they need,
– and know you exist to solve that problem.

And that’s only 3% of your market.

I’m going to be blunt. Those who tell me they need to see a direct ROI on every marketing piece are chasing after that 3%. They are completely missing the boat on the remaining 97%.

So, how do you capture the 97% of potential buyers?

I revert to the framework introduced by Eugene Schwartz in “Breakthrough Advertising.”

This is something you need to be aware of when it comes to your marketing.

Your prospective customers can be at varying stages of the buying journey.

They can be unaware. They are completely oblivious to a problem or need. So when you serve them a social post or email that talks all about your company and what you do, do you think they are going to move forward?


They have no idea they have that problem; therefore, your marketing is going to be ignored.

Your goal is to subtly alert your audience to the presence of a problem. Use engaging, brief videos and easily digestible content that gently highlights these issues. Consider creating blog posts that tackle potential concerns your audience might not yet be aware of, helping them identify these challenges in an unobtrusive manner.

Your prospective customer can be problem aware.

At this stage, your audience acknowledges their issue but requires additional information. They go online to find answers and gain understanding. This is an opportunity to customize your content to thoroughly answer their queries, helping them feel recognized and supported.

Your prospective customer can be solution aware.

As prospects deepen their understanding, they become aware of potential solutions and start searching for effective remedies. This stage is crucial for demonstrating how your product or service can solve their problem. Offer concrete evidence of your solution’s success through case studies, testimonials, and success stories, showcasing its effectiveness and value.

Your prospective customer can be product aware.

At the product-aware stage, prospects know about the available options, including yours. This is your chance to highlight what makes your product unique. Emphasize your product’s distinctive features and benefits, ensuring your content remains engaging and valuable.

And then there are the most aware.

The 3% of prospective customers that give you quick wins.

Imagine having a content strategy that could guide 97% of your audience from unawareness to making a purchase.

We need to reframe how we look at our marketing.

Stop focusing on quick wins only.

Start developing high-quality, value-add content and you will start to see more leads come in over time.