How a local dentist company got over 140,000 video views and new patients each week.

Coming up with a content strategy can be very overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I post?

As a digital agency focusing on social media marketing, we are often tasked with creating content that will go “viral.” While this is no easy task, we have discovered a recipe that leads to higher engagement, a bigger reach, and more sales. The development of successful content includes three important ingredients, research, creativity, and execution. Using goal-setting tools like Profit OKR Software, content generation can be successful within the given time frame. Since social media marketing involves content generation on a daily basis, daily task management is quite important.

To best explain this process, I will give you an example of one of our clients, My Plantation Dentist. She is a local dentist who tends to be keen on trying out various orthodontic marketing techniques to increase her patient base. So our goal was to help her in her efforts and create a social media strategy that would stop people mid-scroll, and make an appointment with our dentist.

We first started on research. Who are the competitors in the area, what are best practices, we even looked at other major social media campaigns such as Crest, Colgate, Coca Cola, Pampers. These brands may not do the same service but we were getting an understanding of what was getting people’s attention and what was working. These days, in every locality one can find themselves acquainted with a dentist clinic. But, what makes them special from the rest of the others? It could be word-of-mouth, local preferences, or even areas that they specialize. Some dentists might solely specialize for kids (you can learn more here, if interested), while others may extend their services to the adult community. Therefore, we wanted something like a standing out feature for our client.

Next is the fun part, creativity. We have monthly meetings outside of our office where we drink “brain juice” (i.e. Any type of adult beverage) and we discuss fun, creative, innovative ways to showcase who the client is but in an entertaining way. From these meetings, we came up with 3 awesome ideas we still use today. First, we decided to produce a music video to the song “Can’t Feel my Face.”

This low-budget video has received over 140,000 views, 320 likes, and 89 shares on Facebook alone. More importantly, our dentist consistently receives phone calls with potential patients because of this video. People who are often afraid of dentists appreciate a place where they could feel comfortable. “Where can I find this dentist, looks like fun,” stated one of the Facebook comments. “I need to make an appointment, I am frantic about the dentist,” stated another comment. The comments go on and on.

By thinking outside the box, we were able to get her a ton of business.

r2dtoothThe next thing to focus on would be branding. Any business, regardless of the product or services they provide, would require branding to really boost customer loyalty and make the company something that people would remember. More often than not, they would look to choose a branding agency, perhaps with the help of Visual Objects ( or similar marketing directories, who can take care of the many things that go into building a brand, including designing a logo, creating a slogan, and more. In this case, we also decided we wanted to create a mascot to establish branding. This fun mascot is placed in a variety of educational and entertaining ways. For example, the Wisdom Tooth answering our most frequently asked questions or our tooth dressed as R2DTooth on “May the fourth” Star Wars Day.

The important thing to remember is that the sky is the limit, you don’t have to be confined to boring, educational content. You can provide education in a fun, meaningful manner.

Once you have all these ideas, now it’s time for the execution. We typically create a monthly calendar and write down what we want to post each day. This will hold you accountable and keep you organized. With social media sites like Hootsuite or SproutSocial, you can schedule content ahead of time so you can focus on your real job during the week, while scheduling out content at off hours.

However, this can become an arduous task. That’s why our clients hire eLuminate Marketing to do the research, creative and execution for them. If you are looking to elevate your online presence and increase your business with fun, engaging and creative contact, you can call us at 561-632-7679 or send us a message.

Good luck!