The Importance of Nurturing Your Leads: How to Boost Your Sales Conversions

Did you know that around 40% of qualified leads convert between 90 days and 2 years? That statistic alone should demonstrate just how important it is to nurture your leads. If you’re not familiar with lead nurturing, it’s the process of building a relationship with potential customers to keep your brand top of mind with them.

Nurturing your leads means putting your content in front of them as often as possible and in multiple places. The more you stay top of mind with your leads, the more you establish demand and move the needle from “maybe I’m interested” to “I need to give them a call…”

At eLuminate Marketing, we understand the power of lead nurturing. We develop content specifically for your leads to help nurture demand. This is done in multiple ways, including social media, newsletters, and remarketing.

With social media, we upload your lists of prospects and ensure your posts go in front of them. By crafting email marketing to your email lists, we can keep your brand top of mind with your leads. And with remarketing, we place pixel codes on your website so that when someone comes to your website, we can remarket to them and continue to stay top of mind.

Simply put, nurturing demand using valuable content on social media, email marketing, blogging, podcasts, display ads, and more can make a significant difference in the number of sales conversions you make.

Are you ready to start nurturing your leads today? Schedule a free consultation call with eLuminate Marketing to see how we can help boost your sales conversions through effective lead-nurturing strategies. Remember, the more you stay top of mind with your leads, the easier it becomes to close deals and increase your revenue.