What’s the number one mistake I see people making on social media?
They are always selling.

“Hi, you don’t know me but I am just going to continue to post how you should call me and use my services.”

You wouldn’t go up to someone at a BBQ and immediately start rattling off what you do and why you should work with them, the same applies on social media.

How do I promote my business without being “sales-ie”? Following the tips below on how to provide value but still sell your business.

Video Educational Content
Social media rewards videos. With Youtube, TikTok, and Reels, audiences are becoming accustomed to engaging via video. We would highly suggest adding video to your social media posting strategy. Start with writing out your most frequently asked questions by your audience. Then film yourself answering those questions. Keep your responses short and sweet and if you need to explain more, write a more thorough blog and include that as your call to action within the video.

Some additional hacks for video Q&As:
Purchase a tripod to hold your camera or phone.
Make sure you are in a space with lots of natural lighting.
If you are doing multiple videos in one day, change your shirt – just so it doesn’t look like you wear the same outfit every day.

Always have a call to action at the end of every video whether it’s to read more on the topic you are discussing or visiting your website.

Infographics are the perfect visual to explain a concept or further emphasis a point. They also catch people’s attention in the feed more than text and stock photos. For example – if you are a real estate agent you could list the process of purchasing a home or you could have an eye-catching infographic to showcase the timeline from start to finish. By developing these graphics you are helping your audience understand big concepts in a simple way. Always include your logo on these graphics in case they are shared with others.

Humor – memes/what’s trending
Social media isn’t always about education and selling, it’s heavily entertaining too. Insert cat video here. We encourage you to keep track of what is trending online from memes to pop culture and find a way to tie it back to your business. For our client the South Florida Symphony on May 4th, which happens to be Star Wars Day, we changed out the music conductor’s baton to a light saber. We were promoting the symphony, but doing so in a fun manner. This requires a bit more time and brain energy, but the results pay off.

Relevant News
When there is a trending news article, we would suggest jumping into the conversations and inserting your expertise and opinions. By sharing your knowledge you are not only staying relevant but showcasing your thought leadership. For example – during the Johnny Depp and Amber Herd divorce saga, we encouraged our family law attorney to provide thoughtful advice on the process. Warning: heed caution on being too opinionated on hot topics as this may backfire.

Downloadables include white papers, checklists, inserts of books, and more. It’s a way to provide value but also gives you the opportunity to nurture a new relationship. If an individual signs up to receive a downloadable, have a plan on how to nurture that relationship. Will they receive additional emails with further information on the subject? Fall into your monthly newsletter? Get a phone call? Think about what information your customers may want and develop a plan on how to execute it.

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